Why elections matter! Thank goodness we have Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Want to make a real mark on the 2020 election? Here’s how to donate effectively

If you’re like me, you’re starting to feel the weight of a long springtime quarantine.

As I continue to shelter at home with my three kids, I can barely catch my breath trying to monitor their learning, keep them fed, and do my work. During and between online-class transitions and laundry changes and meals and neighborhood walks, I feel completely absorbed by the pandemic, exasperated as I observe the Trump wrecking ball. I also feel more and more motivated to make a meaningful difference.


Senator Elizabeth Warren making a pinky promise.

More than pinky promises — the five steps we need to take to elect a woman president

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the pinky promises that Senator Elizabeth Warren gave little girls during the campaign. As the mother of two daughters, it warmed my heart to hear her saying that she was running for president because “that is what girls do.”

Since Senator Warren — the last credible woman candidate in what had been a historically diverse field — exited the race for president, women and men across the country have wrung our hands and decried sexism in…

Andrea Dew Steele

Strategic giving advisor @ Platypus Advisors. Founder of Emerge. Women in politics & strategic giving are my passions. Wife, mom & grad of TuftsUniversity & LSE

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